About Us

The Instructor

Sensei Darrell Gilbert began his martial arts training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate in 1990 under the instruction of Sensei Kenneth Banks. He has also trained in kickboxing and Ju-Jutsu. He has trained in Filipino martial arts, African martial arts, and Indonesian martial arts. He constantly travels to update his training and bring information back to his students. Sensei Gilbert has been an Oklahoma City Police officer since 1992 and currently holds the rank of Master Sergeant. He is a Police Custody and Control Defensive Tactics instructor for the Oklahoma City Police Department. He has been active in the Oklahoma City Public Schools since 1996 working with youth in various programs such as D.A.R.E. and Challenge to teach our young people the hazards of illegal drugs.  He also implemented an In-School martial arts program now taught in several Oklahoma City Public Schools.   

TMA Mission Statement

Using Martial Arts to reach young people while teaching them the value of self-discipline, integrity and self-control. Instilling good moral character, helping young people grow into productive citizens within their communities.   Trinity Martial Arts helps young people to realize their strengths and weaknesses as well as build their self-esteem and confidence. TMA teaches young people to believe in themselves, which in turn gives them the ability to overcome negative peer-pressure, which may help to lead them from gang involvement and drug use. TMA offers a positive alternative to just hanging out in the streets… Martial Arts for the purpose of physical conditioning, self-defense and the building of character through daily discipline and mutual respect.  

The Dream

  In 1998 GOD placed a dream within a man, a dream with a great amount of responsibility. The responsibility of going into a community and using martial arts to attract young people for the purpose of instilling in them good moral character.   The responsibility placed upon this man is that of teaching young people the meaning of Honesty, Responsibility, Accountability, Truthfulness, Obedience, Self-Control and other characteristic traits becoming extinct in our younger generation.   Placed within this man is a love for young people along with the compassion and burning desire to fulfill the mission set before him.   Within this man has been placed …….TRINITY MARTIAL ARTS

Students Learn

Beginning students are introduced to fundamentals such as basic blocking, basic striking, basic rolling, basic falling, basic footwork and basic self-defense escape techniques.   As students become intermediate and more advanced, they are taught more detailed and intricate movement such as joint locking, sweeping techniques, throwing, control tactics, weaponry and advanced self-defense techniques.   They are introduced to sparring in the latter part of advanced orange belt or first part of green belt levels, depending upon the students progress as this is not a sport influenced school, more emphasis is placed on self-defense

  “Do all that you can to walk away, having no other alternatives, being forced to defend oneself, Commit totally, completely and wholeheartedly!” ( Darrell Gilbert, Sensei )